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When writing your dissertation, you must list each table, figure, and image that occurs in the text, along with their serial number and title (i.e., table headings and captions for figures and images). If they are not homemade and you have taken them from other sources, you will also need to provide information about the specific sources that belong to them, and for online sources, the availability of the download and the date of the download, and it is also desirable that it be visible that you did everything themselves, and did not use the author of the essay (, in some cases this is necessary.This is an optional content item, so its inclusion is not necessarily expected in all schools. It is a positive gesture to thank all those who contributed in one way or another to the preparation of your dissertation.An abstract is a dissertation summary in which you summarize the essence of your dissertation in just 1-3 pages, which can be taken from the Internet or borrowed from case study writing service. In doing so, you need to show the reader the main goal of your research and briefly and clearly summarize the main message. Many institutions will also require you to include a one-page resume in English. The summary should be extensive and concise, all of which you can do yourself or use custom essay writing. The summary should include your research methodologies, main findings such as the main findings and results of the study, as well as your conclusions. The abstract is actually a deliberate version of your research material. In the spirit of this, it is desirable to formulate your text concisely, but at the same time catchy, so that you also want to read the thesis in full.

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