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The Role of the Dissertation Abstract

The mission of the abstract is to concisely and concisely present the key points and parameters of the research project. A brief retelling with an emphasis on "introductory criteria" allows to define the basic concepts, understand the author's train of thought and the intended "scientific landmark", the prospects for the development of the issues under study, etc.

What is an annotation for?

An abstract is a short document, up to 500 words. This format is unthinkable without highlighting keywords. It follows that on the basis of the annotation it is possible to determine the boundaries and scheme of the study, to study similar works for comparison.

A well-formed abstract allows you to assess the competence and skill of the researcher. In particular, a concise expression of thoughts, the ability to orient in the information field, to skillfully operate with materials, to systematize them competently, to highlight the essence, to understand one's own and other people's developments.

Features of the formation of annotations to the dissertation

The abstract is written directly by the author of the dissertation research. This is part of his direct responsibilities. The text of the abstract and keywords is written in two languages: your domestic one and English. Therefore, to form such an important document, a good knowledge of a foreign language is required. The following mandatory elements are distinguished in the annotation structure:

Relevance of the topic

Here the author has a colossal work to do: in a few sentences, highlight the research problems and show its importance, modernity, and presence. To do this, it is advisable to note the existing developments, concepts over the past few years. At the same time, it is necessary to focus on unresolved issues and their presence in the present tense and scientific work.

An example of the disclosure of the relevance of the research topic

These parameters (object and subject of the dissertation) are “restrictive measures” that are designed to narrow the scope of the study: what exactly the author will study, in what direction to follow, on what example to show the effect of the problem, on what recommendations will be based, etc.

Select object and object

The subject of the study will outline the theoretical boundaries of scientific research, allow you to delve into a particular moment, and the object will demonstrate the practical significance and effectiveness of innovations.

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